These Aluminium Channels for Glass, also commonly referred to as aluminum glazing channels, are aluminium channels which allows glass sheets to be anchored down and held on to within the channel itself.

Depending on the thickness of the glass sheets or panels, the aluminium channels may be customized to allow for the glass to fit perfectly within it.


As an alternative to handrails, walls and corridors, these aluminum channels for glass can be installed in place of these, and subsequently installing a glass panel or sheet on these channels. These can be commonly found in shopping malls, commercial buildings and business offices where the aesthetic appeal of these aluminum glazing channels are demanded.

Other on aesthetic appeal, in certain cases these specific aluminum channels can be fitted with bulletproof glass or thick glass panels at strategic places to allow protection and defense to either people or structures. These aluminum channels for glass can be installed on policing vehicles, museums, banks and also government buildings.

Why Use Aluminium?

Unlike other metal types like copper and iron which may run into the problems of corrosion and rusting, aluminium is commonly chosen over these other materials for its desirable properties. Being lightweight, strong, anti-corrosion and durable, aluminium is therefore usually selected as the metal of choice because of these beneficial characteristics.

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