Aluminium C Sections are lengths of aluminium metals that are hollowed out in the the core such that a ‘C’ shape is left of the metal pieces. The uses of Aluminium C Sections are far-ranging and even within this particular metal type, variations are present to allow customization and specifications for particular uses.

Welling Customizations

The first modification that can occur with these Aluminium C Sections is the depth and width of the welling. Depending on the usage of the metal sections, the ‘C’ shape may be customized to be thicker on the sides, creating a shallow welling, or it may be manufactured to produce thinner walls, giving rise to a deeper and more pronounced welling in the core.

Desirable Properties

The aluminium material used possesses highly desirable qualities such as non-toxicity, corrosion-resistance, light-weight and durability. All these characteristics allow these Aluminium C Sections to be employed in areas where strength and ease of handling is highly required, such as home-based projects and also for industrial purposes.

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