Aluminium c channels are used extensively in structural applications and in the construction industry, much similarly to other shapes such as I beams or T beams.

An example of how it is often used is to join 2 c channels back to back forming an I-like channel, with a gap in the middle. This gives it greater strength and durability.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Withstand Large Loads and Stresses

    In the construction industry, every structural component used must be of a high level of strength in order to withstand its intended loads. Eng Hup’s aluminium c channels are your perfect choice. With the highest grade of aluminium, we ensure that our c channels offer the best strength for your projects, with as little probability of deformation or failure as possible. This offers much cost savings in terms of maintenance as well as replacement costs.

  • Resistance to Corrosion

    Due to its ideal chemical properties, the aluminium oxide layer that forms over the aluminium extrusions make it more corrosion resistant as compared to other metal alloys. This ensure its strength and durability throughout the years.


Eng Hup understands the need to maintain good quality c channels, since they are a fundamental structural component. We also understand the strict upholding of safety in the construction industry. As such, we commit ourselves to the best quality aluminium for our clients.

Eng Hup has a wide variety of stock aluminium c channels available in different dimensions. Customization to required length can be provided so contact us today!