Aluminium bronze bars are popular for various applications such as for the marine industries and construction industries.

This form of alloy is favored over others for their higher strength and its superb corrosion resistance in the harshest of environments.

Common Applications

  • Better Operational Life

    Aluminium bronze bars also excel in withstanding high levels of tensile stresses, which make them highly favoured in making various forms of structures, such as aircraft landing gears and engine components. In addition, they are also highly resistant to scratches and abrasions, making the appearance and integrity of the bars reliable as well.

    Because of these properties, they have better operational life and this translates to cost savings for our clients in terms of savings for maintenance and replacements.

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance

    Eng Hup’s aluminium bronze bars are perfect for outdoor environments as well as marine applications such as making ship propellers and bearings. The corrosion resistant properties of aluminium are retained and enhanced in our aluminium bronze bars, making it highly resistant to corrosion from sea water as well as atmospheric conditions. Also, the properties of this alloy prevent growing of sea organisms such as algae and barnacles within and on its surfaces, which could lead to further structural complications.

    Furthermore, our aluminium bronze bars exhibit low reactivity to sulphurous chemicals, hence making it resistant against various atmospheric pollutants and industrial by-products.


Eng Hup has been a reliable supplier for aluminium bronze bars for many years. We commit ourselves to producing quality aluminium bronze which can handle the corrosive elements and high stresses of your projects. In addition, they are manufactured with quality materials to meet industrial standards.

Precisely engineered, you can find aluminium bronze bars at Eng Hup at market leading prices.