Aluminium Bars have a solid inner metal core and comes in all sorts of technical specifications – length, girth and core radius.

Manufactured from the process of molding, these aluminium metal workpieces are heated and re-solidified to form variations of the metal product.

  • Uses

    These Aluminium bars are widely demanded in heavy metal industries such as construction, exporting and manufacturing. They can be used as how it is pre-ordered or processed a second time as raw materials in these industries. They can be mixed with other metals to form alloys or just used for industrial applications at the work sites.

  • Advantages

    Aluminium is malleable and thus highly versatile in the applications it can be used on. Its zero toxicity property makes it highly demanded as it is safe to work with. Moreover, the anti-corrosive nature or Aluminium metal makes these materials durable and lasting, suitable for long term storage and bulk purchases.


We at Eng Hup Aluminium do not believe in a one size fit all solution but instead, everyone deserves a tailor made solution. According to your needs, these metal bars can be made-to-order. Purchasing in bulk can also increase your already high cost savings, ensuring that you receive your value-for-money products without burning a hole in your pocket. Speak to us to find out more about how we can help you.

Contact us to let us know what are the specifications of the aluminium bar that you require and we will get everything settled for you.