Aluminium is a light metal that is strong and of low density. When coupled with alloy, aluminium alloys are much stronger than aluminium or any other alloys by itself. The strength of the aluminium alloy bar can be altered to match the needs of the products.

Common Applications

  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Communication
  • Automobile
  • Shipbuilding

Benefits and Advantages

  • Lightweight

    Products using aluminium structures are lighter than products using steel structures. This is particular beneficial in the transport industry where lighter vehicles are required. With lighter vehicles, more energy will be saved and the performance and/or operating economy will increase.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    The aluminium alloy bar is rust-resistant. It is able to resist corrosion in many various settings due to the atmosphere. When exposed to the atmosphere, the surface of the aluminium alloy bar will form a thin oxidised film to protect the bar from corrosion. This film will reform to protect the bar when scratched. The ability to resist corrosion reduces the cost needed to replace the aluminium alloy bar and extends the life of the equipment.

  • Good Thermal Conductivity

    The aluminium alloy bar retains its strength even at low temperatures. As the temperature is reduced, the strength of the aluminium alloy bar increases. It is also an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity.

Eng Hup

Eng Hup is a service and quality orientated company that understands the valued customers’ needs. Products manufactured by us meets the exact specifications and details required by our valued customers. Cutting services are also available for you to achieve the desired length.

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